Rafiki ambassadors

* 1992


  • Winner of Czech lead cup
  • 6th place at international University Championship Katowice
  • 31st place from Climbing lead world cup Stavanger



  • Silver medal from Czech cup 2014
  • Silver medal from Czech University Championship
  • Strelovod 8c



  • Winner of Czech lead cup
  • Bronze medal from Czech Republic championship 2013
  • Senior Czech sport climbing representation team for 2013 nominee
  • JRepresented Czech Republic at European championship in Chamonix and World cups in Briancon, France, Imst Austria, Valence, France and Kranj, Slovenia
  • He stays on a 1st place of present Czech adult competition ranking. He is on the first position continuously for third season



  • Winner of Czech cup 2012 men’s category
  • Bronze medal from Czech championship
  • 57th place from World championship in Paris.
  • Represented Czech Republic at European championship in Chamonix and World cups in Briancon, France, Imst Austria and Kranj, Slovenia.



  • Member of junior Czech representation for sport climbing and 1st alternate for adult representation.
  • While being junior he was placed 1st in Czech adult sport climbing competition ranking.
  • 2nd place at junior Czech cup.
  • 3rd place at adult Czech cup.
  • 7th place at international CupOFF competition in Prague
  • first south bohemian climber to climb 10 UIAA in Karies, Osp, Slovenia



Eva is a very experienced climber. Whenever possible, she likes taking part in bouldering competitions - this way she can gain new experience and motivation, whilst measuring her strength against that of other competitors.


Like Lucie, Tereza continuously collects experience in competitions - these give her a lot of new energy.  Tereza has become a member of the junior bouldering representation and can hardly wait to give all she has got in the upcoming international bouldering cups.


Whilst Michal studies physical training in university, he lives for climbing. Apart from practicing hard in his favorite outdoors (and when possible in his beloved Frankenjura), Michal is also a very skillful climbing route-setter.  Despite being a very calm character, Michal’s climbing ambitions are tremendous, which can be seen in his results.


Young, but a fighter – so can be described our youngest climber Lucie. Her performance develops in parallel with her age, and she attempts to creatively solve every problem on the rock, fighting until the last breath.  Lucie’s dream? To become part of the Czech representation very soon - in order to finally take in the atmosphere of foreign competitions so she can improve further.

Jakub is a young Czech climber from Lipník nad Bečvou who fascinated the climbing public in 2015 by his performance in rocks when upgrading his level gradually during a couple of months from 9 UIAA up to 11- UIAA (of which in Slovenia he even climbed two routes of this difficulty degree in one day). Jakub also excels in contests, which is what he wants to focus on more in the future.


Contests (Category A)

  • Young champion of the Czech Republic in lead climbing
  • Young champion of the Czech Republic in bouldering
  • Overall winner of the Czech Youth Cup in lead climbing
  • Overall winner of the Czech Youth Cup in bouldering
  • 2nd place at the European Junior Cup in Mittendorf, Austria
  • 9th place at the Youth World Championship in sport climbing in Arco, Italy (first place below the final group)



  • Natural Link 8c and Corrida 8c (Mišja Peč, Slovenia) - during one day
  • Strelovod 8c (Mišja Peč, Slovenia)
  • Glutaman 10+ UIAA (Holštejn - Moravian Karst, Czech Republic)
  • Pietra Murata 8b+ (Massone, Italy)
  • Jak Ti Je Deklice? 8b+ (Mišja Peč, Slovenia)
  • Missing Drink 8b+ (Mišja Peč, Slovenia)



  • Metro 8A (Sněžník - Děčín, Czech Republic) - second go
  • Ocelový koloušek 8A (Sněžník - Děčín, Czech Republic)
  • Hrobař Low 8A (Bystřička - Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic)
  • Kilián 8A (Holštejn - Moravian Karst, Czech Republic)